Nanjing releases new policies for free trade zone

2019年12月19日 10:32:26 | 來源

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Authorities in Nanjing released on Wednesday a slew of new policies for the high quality development of the free trade zone in Nanjing. 

Nanjing will decentralize as many municipal-level administrative approval functions as possible, support the establishment of international commercial legal service centers, and maximize trade and investment liberalization and facilitation, according to the new policies.

Nanjing will set up a special development fund for the free trade zone, with a total investment of no less than 50 billion yuan in five years in a bid to build a "R & D special zone", which can enjoy the right to review and approve provincial engineering research projects and the right to identify the projects at the municipal level, and promote innovation-driven and leading industry development.

Nanjing will give full autonomy to the free trade zone in terms of talent identification, and the recommendation committee will independently formulate talent standards, and provide corresponding guarantees in terms of reward subsidies, job title evaluation, and public services.

Nine supporting policies will focus on building an innovation-oriented ecology, promoting the development of the three leading industries of "two cities and one center", and facilitating the investment environment.

Kong Qiuyun, head of the Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Commerce, 

Nanjing will promote the integration 

and innovation of the system from investment 

trade financing guarantees port carriers 

and tax rebate structures 

so as to build a digital third-party 

foreign trade service platform 

and a big data trade financing platform

These measures are taking the lead in the country 

in terms of the innovation initiatives.

Sun Ning, head of Nanjing Municipal Market Supervision Administration

We have filed applications with 

both the State and Provincial Drug Administration 

in terms of foreign-invested projects 

so that the development zone can decided on 

the approval and settlement of enterprises

In addition

in the examination and approval of medical devices

we have also asked the central government 

to empower the Nanjing Free Trade Zone 

to open more green channels for enterprises

Based on the requirements of building an important platform for cooperation and opening up to the outside world, Nanjing will encourage foreign capital or foreign talent teams to build new R & D institutions and launch investment in emerging industries and formats, supports the recognition of professional qualifications and titles of overseas talents, and promotes international research and development cooperation.

Nanjing will also relax the application requirements for the establishment of foreign investment companies, reduce the asset size requirement from US $400 million to 200 million, and promote the internationalization of key industries so as to build a group of service stations for expatriates and utter the strongest voice of "opening to the outside world".

Luo Qun, head of the Jiangbei New Area Administration

We have designed a series of policies 

in the introduction of international talents

international cooperation

international platform construction

and international talent services

The purpose is to create a free trade zone 

with internationalization as its core

and best innovation ecology as the main line 

to promote policy implementation


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